Thursday, 9 March 2017

Swaying couple

2. Swaying couple:

        The unbalanced portions of forces acting along the line of stroke are distance 'l' apart. These forces constitutes a couple about YY axis, which tends to make the leading wheels sway from side to side. This couple is known as swaying couple.

Note: In order to reduce the magnitude of the swaying couple, revolving balancing masses are introduced. But, as discussed in the previous article, the revolving balancing masses cause unbalanced forces to act at right angles to the line of stroke. These forces vary the downward pressure of the wheels on the rails and cause oscillation of the locomotive in a vertical plane about a horizontal axis. Since a swaying couple is more harmful than an oscillating couple, therefore a value of 'C' from 2/3 to 3/4, in two-cylinder locomotive with two pairs of coupled wheels, is usually used. But in large four cylinder locomotives with three or more pairs of coupled wheels, the value of 'C' is taken as 2/5.

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