Saturday, 9 July 2016

Overall Transfer Function

Overall Transfer Function

          In the previous topic, we have discussed the transfer function of a block. In this we are going to know the Overall transfer function of a control system. A control system actually consists of several such blocks which are connected in series. The overall transfer function of the series is the product of the individual transfer functions. Consider a block diagram of any control system represented by the three blocks as shown in Fig., 
Fig. Overall transfer function.
          Thus, if  are individual transfer functions of three blocks in series, then th overall transfer function of the system is given as 
Where       K = Constant representing the overall amplification or gain, and 
                  G(D) = Some function of the operator D.

Note: The above equation only true if there is no interaction between the blocks, that is the output from one block is not affected by its connection to the subsequent blocks.

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