Sunday, 17 January 2016

Uses of plastics

Uses of plastics:

Uses of plastic in our daily life is as shown below:

Living room:
Furniture, table cloths, foot massagers, air conditioners, digital cameras, foam in sofa's, TV's, dvd's, lighting stands, cell phones etc.,

Fry-pans/Knives/Kettles (pots), Buckets/Trash cans, Chopping boards, Dish-washing detergents, Condiment containers, Measuring cups/Bowls, Strainers, Squeezers, Lunch boxes/Spoons/Chopsticks, Dishwashers, Water taps, Water purifies, Microwave ovens/Heat resistant containers/Heat resistant films, refrigerators/Frozen food containers, Storage cases, Cooking tops, Variuos bottles, PET bottles, Wrap film/Plastic bags/ Milk cartons, Toasters/Rice cookers/Electric thermo flasks/Coffee makers.

Bathtubs, Hot/Cold water faucets/Showers, Chairs, Pails, Mats, Shampoo containers,Soap holders, Bath covers, Disabled accessories (Rails), Toys, Tooth brushes, Electric tooth brushes, Hair brushes, Hair driers, Shavers, Electric fans, Bathroom scales, Sashes, Flooring, Washing machines/Driers.

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