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Metals are  tested for one or more of the following purposes:
     (1) To access numerically the fundamental mechanical properties of ductility, malleability, toughness, fatigue etc.,
          (2) To check chemical composition.
          (3) To determine which metal is suitable for which purpose.
          (4) To determine the life cycle of machine parts.
          (5) To determine the internal or surface defects in materials. 


Tests on materials may be classified as:
                1. Non-destructive tests.               2.Destructive tests (or) Mechanical tests.

In non-destructive testing a component does not break and so even after being tested it can be used for the purpose for which it was made.
EXAMPLE: Radiography, Ultrasonic inspection,Liquid penetration etc.,

In destructive testing the component or specimen either breaks or remains no longer useful for further use.
EXAMPLE: Tensile test, Impact test, Torsion test etc.,

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